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Case Studies


As media buyers, our focus is exponentially increasing our clients’ advertising exposure, revenue, and campaign results through creative, proven media strategies. We utilize our deep industry ties, cutting-edge planning and tracking, and the latest industry research and technology to ensure your advertising budget goes further. And it pays off. Our clients praise us for our consistently good results and dependability, creativity, responsiveness, and timeliness. Read on to learn more about the impact we’ve made.


Ski Lake Tahoe
Creating Big Impact in a Low Snow Year

For the Ski Lake Tahoe winter campaigns, our main objective was to entice skiers and snowboarders in LA, NYC, Atlanta, Dallas and the Bay Area to visit Tahoe instead of an out-of-state resort. CCMedia set into motion strategic media plans that we knew would meet this goal, but during the past few winters before 2016/17 we were greeted by an unanticipated challenge: Minimal snowfall. However, we remained undaunted. For example, in the 2014 winter, we capitalized on the 2014 Winter Olympics and used the media outlets to highlight various Tahoe athletes and Tahoe ski terrains through television spots created specifically for this campaign. We used mobile geo-fencing and retargeting tools to directly target skiers at competing out-of-area ski resorts. Although we can’t boast of exponentially increased revenue simply due to the fact that the snowfall numbers were at record lows and therefore overall interest was decreased, the results of our digital campaigns surpassed industry benchmarks in regards to engagement every drought winter.

CCMedia is much more than just a media buyer in Reno. Our reach is nationwide.


Nevada Commission on Tourism – State Tourism Board
260% in added value

CCMedia thinks outside of the box. We take the enormous amount of time and energy to create, discuss, and innovate new ideas on how to utilize media for greater impact. The Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT) is a case study we are extremely proud of. We knew we were innovative when major market television executives said, “That’s a great idea and this is how we can implement it.” What’s even better is that NCOT allocates funds for extensive research, and their research showed that our ideas were highly effective. So much so that the research presenter stated on numerous occasions, that he had never seen such impactful numbers from television advertising nationwide.

Along with a keenly targeted 30-second commercial schedule to meet a multi-touch point strategy with extremely limited dollars for major market television, CCMedia negotiated multi-faceted added value components in addition to a plethora of bonus commercials and ads. These included contests (promotions), travel features within station programming, station host vignettes, in-game tickers and line scores, Olympic Athlete vignettes (Nevada athletes), digital impressions on station news websites and mobile impressions. Most campaigns included 11 contests with 9 stations, in 3 markets; 5 hotel partners; 250+ TV commercials and 14.8M+ online impressions. The NCOT received 150% in bonus spots, negotiated savings, spot upgrades and value added giving them a 260% value to their campaign. Needless to say we feel that we hired the perfect media buyer in Reno to help us accomplish our goals.

The overall impact: television recall jumped and intent to visit Nevada increased.

“With strong awareness built from its advertising/marketing investment, Nevada posts substantial revenue from its efforts during the first half of FY 2014. Ads and marketing efforts demonstrably alter opinions (NCOT ad aware = more likely to visit and have stronger preferences for Nevada). Results for the Fall/Winter portion of FY 2014 indicate that NCOT advertising brought in $187 million in tax revenue from an ad budget of $2.8 million.” – Nevada Commission on Tourism


Nevada Commission on Tourism – State Tourism Board
260% in added value

Woodward Camps are located throughout the United States (and soon to be worldwide). They are an action sports, digital media, gymnastics and cheer camp and CCMedia has developed and implemented national and regional advertising for all four camp locations. With a young, active target audience, the majority of the advertising is digital – including social, mobile and video of course. Woodward is extremely innovative and allowed CCMedia to be creative and out front in our digital advertising plans and strategy. Our ad strategies have been extremely effective and in one month, Woodward was up 27% YoY in camp sales due to our ads.

Long Term Success (Market Knowledge)

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa • Reno
The #1 Casino in Reno

CCMedia has been a marketing partner of the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa for over 26 years. Through the years, Atlantis has grown from a small roadside inn (Travelodge, Quality Inn, Clarion) to an 824-room world-class casino resort and spa in Reno, NV. CCMedia has managed many projects for the Atlantis. We have evolved with the property to consistently provide an inventive media strategy, plan and buy that continues to provide them with the necessary tools to accomplish their goals. We have transitioned media, objectives and strategies throughout the years based on the needs and direction of this amazing property. Creative media strategies, targeted promotions and messaging, shrewd negotiations, media relation development, and constant optimization and tweaks are what make their media plans consistently successful.

The Results? Atlantis is one of the most successful casino-resort properties in the region. We would like to take credit, but we know we are only one aspect of a business’ success. We’ll let our client speak for us this time. “Having worked with Creative Concepts Media + Marketing (now CCMedia) for well over 20 years, we can surely attest to the agency’s strong work ethic, creative thinking, and reliable planning metrics. Every media plan includes bonus placements and makes use of the vendors’ cross media integration opportunities, so that we’ve seen huge engagement with our brand along with unbelievably low costs per placement. With such heavy penetration in our core markets and such an efficient use of our advertising dollars, along with exceptional amounts of added value on each campaign, Creative Concepts has been an essential part of the success of the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. CCMedia is a premier media buyer in Reno” Darlyne Sullivan, General Manager / Executive Vice President.

Why Relationships Matter

Biggest Little City Organization (Non Profit)
Over $50,000 in donated advertising space.

CCMedia is a relationship-based company, building relationships with local and regional media companies since 1991. For the non-profit, Biggest Little City Organization, we worked with media vendor leaders in northern Nevada to develop a multi media plan using remnant and public service announcements. For the Rock the Vote campaign, we secured over $50,000 in free and donated advertising space over a six-week period in Reno, Nevada. The campaign included 1,075 radio commercials over 14 radio stations, over 45 television commercials, digital billboard advertising, and more. We achieved the organization’s goal of increasing voter turnout: Washoe County Registrar of Voters reported a 3.5% increase.

Let us be your Media Sherpa & Save You Time

Carson Tahoe Health
An extension of the team

This hospital district had a consistent media strategy and buy, and had built solid relationships for years prior to us joining their marketing team. When the hospital’s marketing team on-boarded the CCMedia team, their objective was to save time for their limited human resources, have a more formal media buy and plan, and to be able to be more nimble in the advertising space. What has happened since then is all that and more. It was time to take the Health district into the digital age and to reap the benefits of online advertising. Utilizing media buying software, third party ad servers and more, CCMedia currently develops strategies and plans to meet their marketing objectives, optimize those campaigns, and then review them on a quarterly basis, making sure their messaging is in the right place at the right time. Advertising is a collective effort of insights and experience. Overall, CCMedia is an extension of the Carson Tahoe Health marketing team, a partnership we thoroughly enjoy.

Performance & Acquisition

Visit Mendocino County
Biggest Year On Record.

Like every tourism destination, Mendocino County is subject to a variety of market influences. CCMedia made it a goal to understand the changing environment in which Visit Mendocino had to operate, and built a plan that increased visits to their website and to the region, all the while staying within a strict budget. Utilizing digital advertising, CCMedia targeted visitors using search, search retargeting, banner ads, travel listings, audio spots, travel eblasts and Facebook placements. CCMedia also implemented a DJ endorsement/promotion with a top San Francisco Bay Area radio station to draw visitors to Mendocino.

The Results? In 2014, Visit Mendocino had its biggest year for tourism on record. The tourism industry in Mendocino County supported 6,000 jobs, an increase of 4.2%, and direct earnings of $157 million, an increase of nearly 6%. Total tax receipts were also up 3.2% with an all time high of room sales at an increase of 7%.

An additional spring objective of Visit Mendocino was to increase the Facebook page likes for the destination. CCMedia ran a Facebook page likes campaign for a total of 22 non-consecutive days. The campaign generated 10,170 new page likes, reached 211,607 people and cost per like was $0.48!


Reno Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority
125% in Added Exposure

For over eight years, Creative Concepts assisted the RSCVA with California and fly market media plans, placement and promotions. Our creative negotiating skills and out of the box ideas led to great promotions, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of free advertising messages and impressions for the RSCVA, ultimately increasing awareness and visits to the region. We have years of data, stats and recaps that show our lower ad rates as well as 75-125% in added exposure over media spend per media buy, no matter what media – print, radio, and TV to billboards. There are a few campaigns we are particularly proud of…

In late January 2008, the northern Nevada casino properties asked for immediate action in the Sacramento market, to generate exposure to travel to Reno. In less than one week, CCMedia demonstrated that is is far more than just a media buyer in Reno by negotiating an extensive radio and television plan in the Sacramento region that included commercials, TV interviews, content integration in shows, city visits, promotions, online impressions as added value, bonus commercials and placements, and additional added value. The properties and RSCVA came together to implement this coop and what followed was a series of TV anchor visits to the market, live shows, promotions, commercials and more.

Shortly thereafter, CCMedia developed a content integration, editorial/advertorial inclusion, as well as online and print advertising with the San Francisco Chronicle. This campaign included phenomenal integration with the Chronicle, the casino partners and RSCVA. The purchased versus “free” editorial, advertorial and advertising space was 300 – 1. The awareness of the Reno region increased during this yearlong campaign.